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Traveling is a privilege.

I am aware that my many trips and experiences living abroad, as well as my round-the-world backpacking trip, is possible in large part thanks to privileges I was born with, being white with not just one but TWO of the strongest passports in the world (Sweden and USA). One of my favourite aspects of travel is how humbling it is, constantly broadening my awareness of the injustices and inequality in the world. My dear best friend Stephanie, who passed on in 2021, was also one of the most giving people I know and constantly inspires me to give more. 

Naturally, I couldn't do a round-the-world trip without trying to give back in some small way. I am organising a fundraising campaign to raise the same amount I have personally saved for my 10-12 month trip, and will evenly distribute those funds to non-profits in every country I visit on my journey, hopefully also having the chance to visit them and learn from them in person. As thank you, I will send a postcard to everyone who submits a donation at some point in my trip, and showcase the amazing work of the organisations I discover on this site.


Let's pass on some of our privilege! Select any of the images below to learn more about organizations I am considering donating to, submit a donation, or suggest a cause worthy of our attention.

Suggest a worthy cause!
Who and what should I support and why?

Thanks for sharing your suggestion!

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