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Come meander around the world with me!

Hello, my name is Marielle and I am a hopeless travel addict. Ever since I spent the summer alone in Ecuador when I was 16 I have fallen in love with the freedom of solo travel. Over 50 countries later and countless memories and mistakes, join me as I undertake my biggest solo trip yet, backpacking around the world in 2023.


I believe life is what you make it, and every place has beauty and adventure if you are open to it and seek it out. I am also aware that travel is a privilege, and I try to learn about, respect and give back to every community I visit. This blog is intended to capture some of my discoveries on my adventures, whether it is a delicious local dish, a stunning viewpoint, or some fun fact about a destination, while exploring how we can do good along the way.


I am excited to have you with me on the ride, fellow meanderer. 

Follow me on Instagram @mariellemeanders
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